Custom IT Solutions

Hardware, software or both. We build a custom solutions package based around your business and IT needs.


Outsourced IT gives your business an enterprise grade IT department for a fraction of the cost. Save money without sacrificing quality.

Customer Service

Your IT needs are our priority. Make sure your IT is working for you when you need it.

What we Provide

Custom Solutions

Hermes IT is your IT department. We will work with you to discover your unique business IT needs, and put together a custom package to meet them. Whether you need laptops, mobile devices and servers for your office, accounting software for your home business, a professional web site, or a full combination of hardware and software, Hermes IT is ready to make it happen.

Dedicated, Proactive Support

Hermes support goes above and beyond the traditional “break-fix” model. No longer do you have to wait for something to break, report it, and then wait for a response. Whether it’s your website, laptops, office server, or mobile devices, Hermes will know there’s a problem immediately, probably even before you do, and fix it immediately. 3 day support turn-around times are now a thing of the past. Never experience a business-halting outage again.

Professional Web and Cloud Services

Hermes IT offers best in class cloud and hosted solutions, along with clean, professional website design for our clients. We can provide anything from CRM to accounting to email and anything in between. Move into the cloud and never worry about losing access to your data again.

Scale your IT with your Business

A company with 5 employees and a company with 50 have different needs, and shouldn’t be paying fixed IT costs. Skip the high upfront costs, and skip the growing pains common to small-medium businesses by outsourcing your IT and let us scale your IT with your business. Keep cost and complexity down, and never pay for anything you don’t need again.